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Gilbarco Inc., doing business as Gilbarco Veeder-Root, is a supplier of fuel dispensers, point of sale systems, payment systems, forecourt merchandising, and support services. The company operates as a subsidiary of Fortive and its headquarters are located in Greensboro, North Carolina, United States. It employs approximately 4,000 people around the world.

A former employee shares his experience on, "Gilbarco revenues are declining. Because of this fact, management does not put money towards career advancement or training. Expect long hours of OJT. Management tolerates brow-beating from co-workers as well as themselves in ongoing office politics. Don't expect a raise, even if your performance review says satisfactory. Management will find some bogus flaw to not provide you with a raise. Gilbarco was facing several lawsuits before I left."


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Exempleado - Gerente Regional Senior says

"Adquiriendo empresas y reduciendo personal (en India) con parcialidad, los altos funcionarios en India son los líderes detrás de la parcialidad, no tienen la costumbre de retener el talento para que su monopolio sobreviva."

Empleado actual - Ingeniero de Control de Calidad de Software says

"(1) Trampa de bonificación: la bonificación que se muestra en CTC se puede confiscar en cualquier momento (y los líderes "autodeclarados" pueden disfrutarla en la pizza de California). (2) Recursos humanos débiles: el proceso de recursos humanos se ve fácilmente influenciado por los líderes. Cero en el siguiente proceso, ética. (3) Amenaza a los empleados que se separan de dar retroalimentación negativa a nuevos empleadores. (4) los peores líderes: poco calificados, librescos, manipulan las cosas para asegurar su propio trabajo en lugar de tomar decisiones y apoyar a sus propios reporteros. Perder mucho tiempo en la oficina en artículos personales, por ejemplo, vi a un líder senior mientras estaba en la oficina dedicando tiempo a discutir la construcción de su casa en Bangalore, como qué pintura usar, baldosas y ladrillos, problemas laborales, etc. Y lo peor sucedió cuando se discutió el proyecto. . Terminó presumiendo de haber superado los desafíos en la construcción de una casa :) (5) Cultura desigual / peor: el favoritismo, la reacción de la gerencia a los mismos resultados o escenario varían de persona a persona para desafíos similares. (6) pago y caminata: es solo para la administración superior y de recursos humanos. Para otros, es un favor que aún te retengan. (7) Tasaciones - son por el mismo nombre. El desempeño se duda y luego se recompensa."


"No hay suficientes recursos humanos fuertes. Los recursos humanos siempre apoyan a la persona de la gerencia a pesar de que están equivocados ... No hay seguridad laboral ya que si no estamos en línea con el superior ... el superior despedirá al subordinado por su venganza personal"

Exempleado - Técnico De Campo says

"Paga muy baja Mucha exigencias para el pago Horas extra muy baja la paga"

Empleado actual - Ingeniero senior de pruebas en Mumbai says

"1.Mucha gente perezosa que no desea actualizarse o trabajar, por lo tanto, el que trabaja duro siempre termina haciendo demasiadas cosas a la vez. 2. la mayoría de los proyectos son de mantenimiento únicamente en Mumbai. 3.mucho de la dependencia del hardware. 4. GVR India celebra Evey festival y muchos eventos culturales, además de que la administración lo obliga a realizar muchas actividades relacionadas con el proceso que no agregarán nada a su currículum si está en el nivel Junior o medio. 3. Si aterrizas en uno de los proyectos de desarrollo y trabajaste, serás parte de muchas reuniones, pero las reuniones no solucionan los problemas reales de los proyectos. 4. Algún gerente no te respetaría a ti ni especialmente a una mujer en el equipo de tecnología, pero fingirá ser. Mi gerente de informes directos fue así. 5. Mi gerente de informes directos solía tener muchas reuniones y fuerzas productivas para ser parte de los procesos y la gestión de inventario. 6. No hay nuevas tecnologías o es muy raro encontrar una. 7. Nuevas personas se unen si tienen una experiencia de más de 5 años que pueden mantenerse fácilmente durante muchos años."

Exempleado - Empleado anónimo says

"Política y parcialidad, Microgestión"

Exempleado - Ingeniero De Automatización says

"no contratan directamente, todo estaba a cargo de la consultoría de terceros, no recibirán las facturas de TADA a tiempo, pueden tardar algunos meses en llegar."

Empleado actual - Ingeniero Hidraulico says

"Equilibrio deficiente entre el trabajo y la vida Falta de visión en la alta dirección"

Empleado actual - Empleado anónimo says

"Política y parcialidad de algunos líderes"

Empleado actual - Ingeniero, I + D says

"1. La política es demasiado. 2. No existen políticas de solución sólida para ninguna operación o funcionamiento."

Staff Accountant (Former Employee) says

"Miserable place to work with a legacy culture that is resistant to change. Would not recommend. Decent pay but turnover is extremely high and for good reason."

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"I recommend everyone that is seeing this review as a warning! do not apply for the Catlow inc in Tipp city, OH. they are very unprofessional, unorganized, unappreciative, and lack in communication. Management is awful they keep an eye on you on everything you do. please beware do not work for this company due yourself a favor and work for someone elsenothingEverything"

na (Former Employee) says

"I was given 60 days to learn the job and then told to stop asking questions. Manager was a horrible trainer so questions kept coming. I got my walking papers."

Assembler (Current Employee) says

"Id rather work at Taco Bell. HR has 3 people for 25 employees, they short you on breaks, write you up for anything. Just do yourself a favor and look else where for work and skip ANGI.Short breaks, forced overtime at the last min"

Tier 2 Tech Support (Former Employee) says

"plenty of work to be done which will generate a good income but it is plenty of work because management is not really doing a good job of managing the employees Employees that are doing their job are under appreciated and not recognized Advancement only seems to apply to men especially white men There seems to little regard for the respect of people with different cultures especially their clients and management seems to participatework always seem to be available if you need the moneyunder appreciated for all the work you do and advancement is bias"

Engineering Department (Former Employee) says

"Gilbarco revenues are declining. Because of this fact, management does not put monies towards career advancement or training. Expect long hours of OJT.Management tolerates brow-beating from co-workers as well as themselves in ongoing office politics.Don't expect a raise, even if your performance review says satisfactory. Management will find some bogus flaw to not provide you with a raise.Gilbarco was facing several lawsuits before I was a jobexpect long hours 45-50 hours expected."

FP&A Accountant (Current Employee) says

"High turn over rate, leading to managers dumping multiple people's jobs on individuals plates. You may be expected to do 2 or more peoples jobs, stay until complete and be used as an escape goat when the company fails at anything. Managers will try taking over your job when they have no earthly clue how to do so, they will screwbit up along with the relationships you've built and expect you to fix. They have implemented a system that essentially doesn't work causing issues for the valued customers and additional work for the staff. My suggestion unless this is your last resort go elsewhere for employment. You might actually find more enjoyment from flipping burgers then working in this sinking ship of sharks.Cafeteria, health care and vacationmanagement, workload, long hours including weekends especially for salary employeed"

Operations (Former Employee) says

"Management staff is young and inexperienced which leads to unfair business practices. Definitely not good for making reasonable accommodations for medical or family issues, this is great....if you have no family or other responsibilities. Would not recommend this company to anyone as there is no work-life balance. Yearly there is an employee survey but since no one really works to make things better you get the same issues year after year. No trust in management or HR throughout the entire organizationPeers are great to work withManagement, HR team not helpful"

Assembly 1 (Former Employee) says

"I worked here for almost five years, the environment is very much so ghetto. Never worked at a place where you can fight and still have your job, curse each other out and still have your job and even curse your supervisor out and still have your job! The union let’s too much fly! Management TERRIBLEPay/benefitsLong hours, short breaks, drama"

Spares Worker (Current Employee) says

"This company is all about it's union employees and don't care about management and supervisors. HR Department is very racist as most all of the HR management is black and they take care of all the black employees and terminate good white workers for no reason. They just got rid of our white supervisor for no reason at all. Such a sad company and it lets the employees run the company rather than supervisors and management."

tech (Former Employee) says

"Employees struggle w/work life balance. Most difficult part of the job was long hours, and no recognition for work completed,.good teamlong hours"

Assembly Worker (Former Employee) says

"Management was not good, very disrespectful, which is why the people were so out of order. I found it a very hard place to work in peace. Hardest part I found was the having to stand 10 plus hours and short breaks. Rushing to force you to make production when their wasn't one, they said."

Machine Operator/Assembler (Former Employee) says

"Poor managerment!! Learn how to put a pump together.The people on the floor was great to work with... Managerment just stuck!! They talk to you any kind awayWork alot over time .Short breaks!"

Call Centre Agent (Current Employee) says

"the work place is productive with it's cons of negativity and not really room for growth. call center agents not really in the loop with the behind the scenes of service being rendered."

Assembly Worker (Former Employee) says

"This place is a trip! During your 60-day probationary period they can let you go for being a minute late coming off break or for whatever reason "they" feel will suffice. They don't take kindly to suggestions or ideas that may actually make a process run smoother. Women are basically bricks walls, none of management really acknowledges them, let alone speaks to even give as much as a "Good Morning". They only have something to say to you when they want something done. There is no real direction given as to what you're job is, what you should do if there is down-time, what they're looking for in an employee, etc. You'll walk around lost most of your day. The money is great, the hours are long, the work is SUPER easy, a 1st grader could catch on, but its very mundane. Pick it up, put it down, turn around (repeat). Management has no clue what they're doing, they say one thing and then turn around an hour later and say something totally different. They constantly threaten the new hires with lay-offs and termination during what they call "evaluations" and even before. During this time, no one let's you know whether you're doing a good job, what you need to work on...nothing. Your supervisor does the evaluation, turns it in. You never know what's said on it or even why you're being let go. They give you a line like, "We don't have enough work" and send you on your way.a place to be to make money, cafeteria on site, easy work, paid weeklylong hours, high turnover rate on new hires, tough to get into union, lack of direction"

(Contract) says

"Lots of stubborn know-it-alls. Management implements projects and procedures without consulting the employees that will be most affected, only adding to the stress. Highly unorganized and unprofessional environment. Company and team events are good. Cafeteria onsite but pricey."

Finance (Former Employee) says

"I worked at Gilbarco for 2 years and I must say it is the most politically charged place I have ever worked in. You are overworked, under appreciated and if you are not a butt kisser you are screwed. You have to watch your back and trust no one. Full of two faced liars where no one is held accountable for not providing you the support you need to do your job. Most stressful job I have ever had! Co. not wiling to embrace change or accept new ideas.The Cafeteria, good benefitsPolitical, Butt kissing work environment, good old boy mentality"

Help Desk Technician (Former Employee) says

"Call center environment. Worked third shift and it was always slow at night and boring."

Training & Compliance Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"I was asked by a VP to take a position that all staff wanted. A new VP takes over and decides that is not is needed anymore and dissolves my job during COVID of all times. Upper management uses people to their ends and then discards them like garbage when used up."

Electronics Assembler / Tester (Former Employee) says

"I have always loved electronics. When I was employed at Gilbarco I literally couldn’t wait to get to work. This was my first professional job, and I was fascinated with the work. The people were friendly, including the management. The problem with this company was the trend to work a lot of overtime, fill the warehouse, and then lay off hundreds of employeesGreat compensation, safe work environment.Frequent company lay offs" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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